Introducing Style Collective: Your local style clique.

As a few of you may have noticed, Style Creeper is no longer. It has been over a year since we hit the keyboard and we felt that the website needed to reflect the changes that we have taken place in our personal lives. So, without further a-do, let me introduce Style Collective. The Style … Continue reading

Discovered: Radical YES! Footwear

Launched in 2013, Radical YES! Began life as an active footwear brand developed for people with creative lifestyles. Originally conceived in response to designer and Yoga Practioner, Kerryn Moscicki’s own search for the perfect fashion active-wear shoe, Radical YES! is now adored for it’s quirky take on cool-comfort. Designed from a place of intuition and … Continue reading

Saibu no Akuma – KICKSTARTER

This was Saibu no Akuma’s first event, and Kickstarter campaign launch; BLURRING THE LINES OF BESPOKE. The exhibition show cased the brand’s core elements featuring live art by Felicity Hayward and Marta Tesoro, limited release fashion sculptures, pop up coffee by Operator25 and drinks by Kirin and Free Is Better. Showcasing the different facets of … Continue reading


The three Nak*d For You Superfacials each feature 2x ancient superfoods which are then complimented with exotic clays, herbs and botanicals. These have been specially formulated to cater to the 3 different skin types being dry/sensitive, combination and oily/acne prone. The facials are used by both men and women, and the masks can not only … Continue reading

SAIBU NO AKUMA – exclusive exhibition event

Melbourne shirt maker’s who blur the lines of bespoke are holding and exclusive exhibition on 1st of March 2015, from 2pm till 7pm. A team of local Melbourne boys formed Saibu no Akuma with the goal of bringing back three elements they believe are missing in our modern society; Imagination, Creativity and Human Interaction. With this philosophy, they … Continue reading

Street Style: Sydney

Photographer | Chihiro Lia Ottsu